Company: Action Produzioni Sas

Country: ITALY


Discipline: Powerboating

Director: Marcello Cosenza, Elena Lucia Marcon

Edting: Elena Lucia Marcon

Actors: Fabio Buzzi, Annalisa Stupenengo

Photo: Mauro Ferrero

Producer: Marcello Cosenza

Co Producer: Elena Lucia Marcon

Running Time: 34 min


He waits for the “flat lake” condition. It took years of hard work to design the perfect engine. Now it’s necessary to wait for the lake and the wind to meet, and for the magic to happen. Speeding over 255km/h. Back and forth for 1 km. 13 seconds to go, 13 seconds to come back. Everything is run according to his calculations, because an engineer never leaves anything to chance. Especially when there’s the pilot’s life at stake, and that pilot also happens to be the engineer who has done the calculations. Fabio Buzzi, the record engineer, a life of “calculated extreme”.