Company: Beijing Television Station

Country: P.R. OF CHINA

Section: MOVIES

Discipline: Kungfu

Year: 2016

Director: HuNingYang

Editing: DengLe

Actors: JiangShan

Photography: ZhengLei

Soundtrack: FanQiang

Producer: HuNingYang

Time: 30 min

Projection: Thursday 17 November  – 16.30 – Sala Colonne

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Beijing young man Jiang Shan, a basketball figure’s fan,  wants to learn monkey Kongfu. He would like to  set up show about monkey Kongfu for the Spring Festival of the Year of Monkey. He met a Beijing’s artist and Chinese Kungfu master who helped him to combined monkey boxing into figure basketball. In his research he found out only few people practice Chinese Kungfu in China.