Company: Repubblica Tv

Country: ITALY


Discipline: Paralympic Fencing

Year: 2016

Director: Sonny Anzellotti. Autore: Francesco Fasiolo

Editing: Giulio La Monica

Actors: Beatrice Vio

Photography: Sonny Anzellotti

Producer: Repubblica Tv

Coproducer: Visual Desk

Time: 8 min

Projection: Sunday 20 November  Р17.00 РSala Parlamentino

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“Every evening, before going to sleep, I charge my phone, my iPad… and my hands”.¬† Bebe Vio is just like that, ironic and true. Gold at World and European Championships, aged 19, it’s her first try at the Paralympic Games, where she won a gold and a bronze medal. Her life changed in 2008, after being struck down by acute meningitis, but she didn’t give up, and discovered the world of wheelchair fencing. And so her journey continues.