Company: ESPN Brasil
Country: BRASIL
Discipline: Soccer
Year: 2012
Director: Lúcio de Castro
Editing: Fábio Calamari
Photography: Rosemberg Faria
Soundtrack: Alê Vallim
Voice Off: Luis Alberto Volpe
Producer: Juliana Moreira
Time: 49 min
Projection: Friday 6 December – 7:25 pm – Sala Donzelli



For many years, it was thought that the military governments used soccer as a propaganda instrument, having over it a strong sway. About that, for more than a year, it was made a deep investigation, especially about the relation of soccer and the South American military dictatorships of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. From the research came to light unseen facts: like the collaboration of Brazilian’s greatest soccer player, Pelé, with the military dictatorship. For the first time, the presence of a military officer involved in assassinations and torture, in the athletic commission of Brazil’s soccer squad, champion of the 1970’s World Cup, was confirmed. Also, after fourty years, it was discovered that then FIFA’s president negotiated for Argentina to host the 1978’s World Cup. The resulting investigation was considered “startling and revealing” by the “Comissão da Verdade” (The Commission for the Truth), installed in Brazil to investigate  the crimes committed by the military dictatorship.