Company: Overall Pictures srls

Country: ITALY


Discipline: Martial Arts

Year: 2016

Director: Fabio Bastianello

Editing: Fabio Bastianello, Simone Massimo Manganello

Actors: A. Lato, C. Stelluti, C. Alberton, L. Bastianello, A. Cagnazzo, S. Di Marco, S. Di Pierno, D. Giulietti, M. Greco, I. Menga, O. Nguale, G. Panico, A. Salvucci, F. Strozzi, M. Zecca, C. Crini, A. Martelli, L. Peragine, G. Speria

Photography: Fabio Bastianello, Piermaria Agostini

Time: 110 min

Projection: Friday 18 November  Р20.30 РSala Terrazzo

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A man who did everything in his life. Expert in Martial arts, Thai boxing fighter and then bodyguard and bouncer. He had to come down to many wrong choices and many compromises. Once again the sport gives an hand to those who come from the street by giving him a second chance. Opportunity he will grab and let him grow by reediming himself from that world that until recently was his home.