Company: NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Country: JAPAN
Discipline: Rugby
Year: 2017
Director: Tsuyoshi Kawahara, Hayato Onishi
Editing: Kazuhiko Nakazawa
Photos: Michio Kato, Tsuyoshi Miyazaki
Soundtrack: Hiroyuki Sawano
Producer: Koichi Maeda, Akihisa Dougaki, Tomomi Nagasawa
CoProducer: NHK in association with NHK Educational Corporation and in cooperation with TV MAN UNION, INC.
Time: 99 min




What happens when a world-class coach gives young people special lessons? The focus is on the powerhouse rugby coach Eddie Jones (57), who currently coaches England’s national team. At the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Eddie led Japan’s national team to victory over the heavily favored South African team in the semifinals. A charismatic coach, he was credited at that time for achieving the most amazing victory in rugby history. Here, Eddie coaches a Japanese high school team for five days, providing motivation that dramatically changes their play.