Company: 416 Studio

Country: SPAIN


Discipline: Various Sports

Year: 2015

Director: Juan Alfredo Amil

Editing: Juan Alfredo Amil

Actors: Vicente del Bosque, Adasat Rojas, Daida Ruano, Iballa Ruano, Juan Espino.

Photography: Juan Alfredo Amil

Soundtrack: Jorge Luis Amil, Juan Alfredo Amil

Voice Off: Juan Alfredo Amil

Producer: Juan Alfredo Amil

Time: 110 min

Projection: Saturday 19 November  – 15.00 – Sala Terrazzo

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Spain, 2013. After two successful decades, the Spanish Sport begins its decline. The different social changes in the country  have made his citizens have a much more critical perspective of sporting events. In this context, a young filmmaker and sports fan prepares his camera to create a Spanish Sport’s Anthology about some of the best sportsmen and sportswomen of the Nation. Before the end of their Glorious Age, before their feats are not longer made of the material with which Legends are forged with.