Friday 12th November at 10.50 am – online


KBS – Korean Broadcasting System

SOUTH KOREA 2021, 53 min

Director/Regista: Jin Jeon

Editing/Montaggio: Jin Jeon

Actors/Attori: Key Cast HaiTai Tigers ‘Pro Baseball Team’

Photos/Foto: KBS Visual Production + Generally based on Archive Footage

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: Minjun PARK (DJ Soulscape)

Producer/Produttore: JiSun Youm

CoProducer/CoProduttore: Taewoong Lee

In 1982, a time when professional baseball had just begun in Korea with each region having a team, it was difficult for Gwangju to receive corporate sponsorship. After efforts, amid difficulties, a confectionary company decided to create the Haitai Tigers. It started with just 14 players but was able to make history with a 100% win rate in the Korean Series, completing the “Haitai Dynasty” with a legendary victory in the 9th inning. Each year on May 18, unable to have a home game, the Haitai Tigers had to wander around the nation, thus receiving more support from the people of Gwangju. Born in Jeolla, the birthplace of President Kim Dae Jung, they recorded their last win in 1997 and disappeared with the Asian Financial Crisis. This is a record of the Haitai Tigers.