Company: bmg brokers/seagull ink llc
Country: united states of america
Section: documentary - team sport
Discipline: basketball
Year: 2016
Director: jill campbell
Editing: paul lovelace
Actors: kenny anderson, kenny smith, salt n pepper, natasha anderson, tiny archibald, dennis scott, bobby cremins
Photo: nelson walker, gregory gerhard
Soundtrack: jeff parker
Producer: jill campbell, barry greenstein, gregory gerhard
Time: 86 min



Ten years after retirement as a professional athlete, kenny anderson finds that basketball is easy, it’s life that’s hard. Still reeling from his mother’s death, the former new york city high-school prodigy and nba all-star loses a cherished coaching position, sending him into a midlife crisis. Facing his personal demons head-on, the charismatic anderson must come to terms with his past in order to find a way forward