Projection: Saturday 6th December – 4.40 pm – Sala Terrazzo
Company: Sparkle Film & Seca World
Country: P. R. of CHINA
Discipline: Ice skating
Year: 2011
Director: Lai He
Editing: Lee Teng Hui
Photo: Liu Fan
Soundtrack: Wu JingJing
Actors: Shen Xue, Zhao Hong Bo
Voice Off: Shen Xue/Zhao Hong Bo
Producer: Zhao Xiao Lin, Li Sheng
CoProducer: VivianĀ  Jia
Time: 68 sec


Shen Xue and Zhao Hong Bo have been skating together for 20 years in order to reach a common dream: the Olympic gold medal. After three World titles and two bronze Olympic medals, they finally reached the Olympic gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Games, ending almost half a century of Russian and Soviet pair skating dominance.