Company: Hangzhou Ergeng Network Technology Co. Ltd
Country: P.R. Of CHINA
Discipline: Sailing
Year: 2018
Director: Liu Yalei
Editing: Liu Tao, Gao Yaquan
Actors: Vicky Song
Photo: Wang Kuan, Wang Shuai
Producer: Zheng Long
Time: 6 min



Vicky Song was born and raised in Qingdao, China. She got interested in this sport after a sailing teaching experience in 2006. She have a special relationship with the sea. Difficulties like poor sea conditions, long hours of boring training and physical injuries have failed to stop Vicky to realize her dream. Vicky became the only Chinese in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, which is the world’s most influential sailing event and the largest amateur global nautical event. After 315 days’ sailing over 45,000 nautical miles, Vicky Song becomes the first person in the Chinese women’s sailing around the world.