Company: Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Rugby
Year of production: 2014
Director: Marco Silvestri
Editing: Silvana Costa
Photography: Roberto Salinas
Soundtrack: UBIK, BAAP, LUZ
Producer: Rai Fiction e Casanova Multimedia
CoProducer: Casanova Multimedia
Time: 54 min


The list of the Argentinean sportsmen devastated by the death squads between 1975 and 1983 is long and rugby was the sport that had more victims during Videla’s military dictatorship. Driven by the alarming escalation of violence and worried about the destiny of the country, they find themselves to join together sports passion and political militancy, paying with their life the madness that was repressing Argentina. Seventeen of them disappeared without a trace in few years, one by one, in a trail of dead, pain and fear. The dramatic story of professional team of well-educated and wealthy boys coming from affluent families and formed in the public schools and universities, far from military circle and from the private institutes bound with undemocratic right wing.