Sports discipline: Soccer

Production company: Produzioni Fuorifuoco

ITALY 2018, 70 min

Director – Editing: Paolo Casalis

Actors: G. Stauring, K. Stauring, M. Abdallah, I. Gamaradeen, J. Thacher

Photos: James Thacher, Gabriel Stauring, Paolo Casalis

Soundtrack: Various Artists

Producer: Paolo Casalis

Gabriel Stauring is a young and enterprising activist from California who, in 2005, decide to form an O.N.G. and to travel to Africa to help the thousands of civilians fleeing the civil war in the Darfur region, Sudan. Eight years later, Gabriel faces ever greater and more difficult obstacles every day and constantly puts his life at risk, but no one seems interested in his mission anymore. To break the indifference about the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Gabriel decides to create a “National” football team entirely made up of refugees, and to take part in the World Cup.