Company: Press Commission of Chinese Olympic Committee

Country: P.R. OF CHINA


Discipline: Various Sports

Year: 2016

Director: Wang Xian, Yang Fan

Editing: Cao Yang, Li Zhong, Wang Hao, Qin Shixin, Shi Jinlin

Photography: Zhang Zikuan, Li Hailiang, Huang Shaojia, Wang Ximin

Soundtrack: Meng Tian

Voice Off: Sheng Xiyou

Producer: Xu Jing, Cao Yong

Coproducer: Tu Xiaodong, Gao Chao

Time: 21 min

Projection: Saturday 19 November  Р18.50 РSala Mostre

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Located between hills of Qinling Mountains in Southern Shaanxi Province, Bashan is an isolated and unknown¬† town to the rest of the world. For quite a long time, there has been only one line of railway sprawling amid steep peaks and deep valleys carrying people in and out of this remote mountainous area. Despite this, people here has started to host an annual sporting event to celebrate their town built 35 years ago, and it continued to nowadays. Miniature games haven’t only made this little town better known to others, but also changed the people here. In this tiny mountainous area, the Chinese sports spirit and the Olympic spirit have already taken deep roots in people’s mind, shining glories over the land.