Friday 12th November at 3.00 pm – online


Discipline Olimpiche Estive / Summer Oympic Disciplines

Groox Filmagentur

AUSTRIA 2021, 28 min

Director/Regista: Jürgen Gruber

Editing/Montaggio: Gabriel Boll

Actors/Attori: Magdalena Lobnig, Michaela Polleres, Bettina Plank, Luis Knabl, Tanja Frank & Lorena Abicht, Nadine Weratschnig, Liu Jia, Laura Stigger, Elisa Hämmerle, Peter Herzog, Verena Preiner, Marlene Kahler

Photos/Foto: Jürgen Gruber, Frank Market, Simon Moestl

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: Markus Illko

Producer/Produttore: Stephan Schwabl

CoProducer/CoProduttore: Jürgen Gruber


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional Austria House wasn’t made in Tokyo. For this reason, a “Digital Austria House” was created in 2021. Medal hopefuls and Olympic debutants such as Magdalena Lobnig, Laura Stigger, Nadine Weratschnig talk about theri personal power spots with the help of breathtaking pictures that makes people want to visit Austria.