Projection: Sunday 7th December – 7.30 pm – Sala Parlamentino
Company: Overlook / Megasystem
Country: ITALY
Section: MOVIES
Discipline: Boxing
Year: 2013
Director: Andrea Simonetti
Editing: Sandra Eterovic
Photo: Massimo Bettarelli, Martì Torrens
Soundtrack: Pino Forresu, V. Matteucci, A. Carluccio
Actors: Cosimo Cinieri, Andrea Simonetti, Nicola Rignanese
Producer: Marco Donati
CoProducer: Giuseppe Lanzillotti
Time: 25 min


Cosimo is 30 years old, he lives in Taranto with his father Giuseppe, a former fisherman and a compulsive gambler. He is a talented boxer who is waiting to take the next big step into the professionals. He works at the Ilva in Taranto in order to maintain his father and himself and to solve Giuseppe’s monthly debts. He really wants to redeem himself: he wants to get his life back and buy the fishing boat for his father, just to give freedom and sea back, Giuseppe’s lifeblood. Cosimo wins two important matches which open the door to the deciding one, the one of the famous “big step”.