Projection: Sunday 7th December – 7.05 pm – Sala Expo
Company: Broadcasting Institution of Vojvodina, Radio-Television of Vojvodina
Country: SERBIA
Section: MOVIES
Discipline: Athletics
Year: 2014
Director: Stojče Stoleski
Editing: Zoran Nikolić
Soundtrack: Zoran Nikolić
Producer: Anka Aksin
Time: 7 min


In the Paper Pushers series, three characters employed in a state-owned company, make remarks and commentary about a variety of topics dealing with everyday trifles as if they one from a stand-up comedy. The topics are dictated by everyday events, headlines from the newspapers, various blogs, websites and conversations. Even though the stories are local, they are authentic and relevant to any Country. The idea of the creators is that during a regular week at work these characters would humorously discuss current events to make viewers laugh while stimulating them to reflect in the issue raised. This particular episode is about a sports discipline, marathon.