Company: Zeba Produccions
Country: SPAIN
Discipline: Climbing
Director: Eduard Miguel
Time: 28 min
Projection: Saturday 7 December – 7:45 pm – Sala Torre



“The rock exists to hold the ice, water exists to form ice and the air exists to breathe and be able to climb glacier. Everything is only for climbing ice”. With these words, Pau EscalĂ© defined his passion for high difficulty ice climbing, an activity that had become the epicenter of his life. Between January and February 2012, Pau was prepearing a documentary film about his life and his passion for extreme climbing. On March 10th, 2012, a terrible accident while he was climbing in the Cirque of Gavarnie killed him. This film – which includes an in depth interview in which Pau talks about his activities, motivations and thoughts – becomes the witness of the last two months of one of the most prolific climbers in recent years and a benchmark of high difficulty climbing in the south of Europe.