Company: Riccardo Seri
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Soccer
Year: 2018
Director: Riccardo Seri
Editing: Riccardo Seri
Actors: Andrea Mercanti, Francesco Miccoli, Alverio Piloni
Soundtrack: Gianluca Buresta, La Clé, Lettera 22, Aedi, Maria grazia Caproli
Voice Off: Fabrizio Romagnoli
Producer: Riccardo Seri
Time: 94 min



This is the story of most significant moments of “Giovani Tolentino”’s sports season, a young football team that plays an amateur secondary league in Marche. Starting with the important match between Giovani and Serralta, the camera will be in the locker room following the players during the trainings, the matches, capturing the coach’s speeches, the feelings before the game and leisure time. After the first victories full of goals, Giovani Tolentino face some difficulties.  Some matches ended in tie move them away from the top end of the league, but after the home games they are first in the rankings. The away game starts with a tie and with the first defeat all the problems arise. The coach is changed but the results do not come. There are many points between them and the top ranking team and “Giovani” seem to have lost hope.