Projection: Sunday 7th December – 6.30 pm – Sala Parlamentino
Company: Milano Scuola di Cinema e Televisione
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Equestrian Sports
Year: 2014
Director: Chiara Campara, Davide Cipolat, Giovanni Dall’Avo Manfroni, Lorenzo Faggi
Producer: Milano Scuola di Cinema e Televisione
Time: 30 min


There is no the huge crowd of the past glorious years, that mix of glamour given by the cohabitation of community and aristocracy. Lack of money, charm and appeal are threatening the existence of Italian horse racing. But despite its decadent status – or maybe because of it – this world has a lot to tell. Not only the key moment of the race, but everything that there is behind the scene: the tension before the race in the jockey room, the daily work in the stable, the auction of the horses. Photofinish is a story about men and animals, races, everyday resistance and departures with no comeback.