Company: Polish Television (TVP S.A.)
Country: POLAND
Discipline: Various Sport
Year of production: 2013
Director: Zbigniew Rytel
Editing: Bogusaw Koziarski
Photography: Adysaw Lipkowski, Micha Rytel-Przeomiec
Soundtrack: Piotr Martynowicz
Producer: Tamara Czy-Kasperek
Time: 91 min


Polish Television (TVP) was launched in the autumn of 1952. From its early days, sport has been a prominent feature of its daily programming. With television, sport conquered homes by storm, becoming one of the most important elements of common life. Thanks to the success of their athletes seen on television, Poles could experience emotions, build their national pride and sometimes even change the course of history. As elsewhere in the world, television has changed sport to make it suitable for its needs, and sport has changed television, driving its development. A work that shows how the history of Polish sport and the history of Polish television intertwine to form an inseparable bond.