Projection: Friday 5th December – 5.50 pm – Sala Colonne
Company: Warp 8 Productions
Country: USA
Discipline: Skydiving
Year: 2011
Director: Gulcin Gilbert
Editing: Zac Heileson
Photo: Zac Heileson, Gulcin Gilbert, Norman Kent, David Major, Henny Wiggers, Andrey Veselov, Willy Boeykins, Karen Lewis
Soundtrack: Zac Heileson and Michael Earlewine
Actors: Ruth Green, Kate Cooper, Malory Tarcher, Wendy Smith, Carolyn Johnson, Dr. Susan Love, Dr. Leslie Bernstein, Dr. Philomena McAndrews
Voice Off: Gulcin Gilbert
Producer: Gulcin Gilbert, Julia Gilbert
Time: 82 min


An inspirational work about the empowerment of women who overcome obstacles as athletes and as human beings, covers an extraordinary event called ‘Jump for the Cause’ which, last year, brought together 181 women from 31 countries to create a World Record All-Women’s Skydiving Formation and raised almost $1 million dollars for breast cancer research. Along with phenomenal skydivers, the film features breast cancer survivors, cutting edge researchers, doctors and healers.