Company: Dark House Sport Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Country: P.R. OF CHINA


Discipline: Soccer

Director: Wang Jing,Peng Siyuan

Edting: Wang JingPeng Siyuan,Xu Zhaohua

Actors: Tang HuiQiao Yina

Photo: Peng SiyuanLiu Yijun,Xu Zhaohua,Zhang Ziqian,Gao Weimin,Xue Bing

Soundtrack: Qiao Yina

Producer: Cai Qiude

Running Time: 138 min


Japan’s national high school qualification tournament has almost one-hundred-year history. A legendary coach, Kuroda Tsuyoshi who has been working 23 years to build an awesome high school in the northeast snow countryside, Goke Yuta who just graduated from high school who played  with Iniesta in professional match, Mr. Zhou, a Chinese player, who is studying abroad. All these people and stories demonstrate that sport is the best way to celebrate youth.