Company: Mantaray Film

Country: SWEDEN


Discipline:  Car Racing – Drag Racing

Director: Asa Ekman

Edting: Dominika Daubenbuchel, Anders Teigen

Photo: Malin Nicander

Soundtrack: Marit Bergman, Asa Jacobsson

Producer: Stina Gardell

Running Time: 80 min



In the 70s, Rosie was the Drag Racing Queen, but she had to put that life aside when her son was born with a brain hemorrhage. It costed her both her career and her marriage. Today, after 30 years taking care of others, Rosie feels empty and hollow. She decides to put herself first and regain control. In order to escape from the grey zone she finds herself in, she returns to what once gave her life meaning – Drag Racing. She hopes getting behind the wheel again will grant her the will to live once more.