Company: SVT Sveriges Television

Country: SWEDEN


Discipline: Winter Sport – Skicross

Director: Max Bursell, Björn Becksmo

Edting: Pelle Wittheden

Photo: Marcus Östling, Per Frisell, Barry Lundström, BJörn Becksmo, Johan Israelsson, Richard Dolk, Sophie Odelberg

Producer: Björn Becksmo

Running Time: 51 min



She was the best female skicross athlete in the world when a crash changed her life completely. She was dead for a few minutes. She was brought back but suffered severe brain damage and was in a coma for three months. All medical knowledge pointed towards a life in coma or at the best possibility to breath by herself. It a story about Anna and her struggle to try to win her life back both physically and mentally, all the obstacles she must overcome.