Wednesday 10th November at 12.05 am – online


Canoa / Canoeing

Mpt Design

ITALY 2021, 14 min

Director/Regista: Piero Pandozzi Trani

Editing/Montaggio: Piero Pandozzi Trani

Actors/Attori: Jane Nicholas, John Edwards, Marius Bogdan Ciustea, Antonio Rossi

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: ArtilistIO, Free stock Music and footage firm

Producer/Produttore: Piero Pandozzi Trani

Antonio Rossi, Olympic champion who wrote the history of the Italian canoe, now under-secretary of the major events of ‘Regione Lombardia’, recalled his career. Jane Nicholas participated in the Tokyo Olympic Games for the Cook Islands in the slalom canoe discipline and, before her, only her sister and her brother did the same. The President of the Intemational Paraoanoe Federation John Edwards tells the story of the canoeing paralympic movement. Marius is from Romania and a trivial accident during a ski holiday forces Marius Bogdan C├Čustea to wheelchair. With the canoe, he will be able to get up ‘physically and mentally’. Winner of the Paracanoa World Cup, his dream is to reach the next Olympics.