Sunday 14th November at 7.15 pm – online



Mpt Design

ITALY 2021, 22 min

Director/Regista: Piero Pandozzi Trani

Editing/Montaggio: Piero Pandozzi Trani

Actors/Attori: Cesare Cantagalli, Federico Morisio, Giuseppe Ungherese

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: Gumma Vybz, Emanuele Luigi Andolfi, Vlog No Copyright Music

Producer/Produttore: Piero Pandozzi Trani


A journey to the main international windsurfing destinations (Hawaii, Chile, Peru, Morocco, South Africa, United States, Italy, Mexico, Caribbean) through the incredible stories of 2 world-famous windsurfers, with a focus on plastic pollution of our seas. ln 1986 Cesare Cantagalli was 14 and his dream was to moving to Hawaii to compete with world windsurfing legends and become the greatest windsurfer in the world. Even though he came from a humble family, his father decided to support him and after gave him his savings said: “Once you spend it all, it will be time to come back home”. Cesare made his dream come true during the Aloha Classic, the most important windsurfing event in the world in which performed the first somersault forward, a trick that was “science fiction at the time” and that helped change the world of freestyle windsurfing forever. Federico Morisio is one of the few athletes who participated in the Windsurfing World Tour.