Company: China Beijing TV Station Documentary Channel

Country: P.R. OF CHINA


Discipline: Skiing

Director: Yan Wei, Zhang Jie

Edting: Yan Wei /Wang Lin /Xue Long

Photo: Yan Shuo

Soundtrack: Yan Xuanjun

Producer: Zhang Jie

Running Time: 30 min



Song Shuyao is a former athlete of Chinese national freestyle skiing aerials team, who returned to winter sports to help Beijing in the preparation for the winter Olympic Games. Song Shuyao had lifted many trophies in her 20 years of sports career. However, because of an injury,  her dream broken up when she was so close to the Olympic podium. After retired, Song Shuyao tried selling dumplings in supermarkets and working as hip-hop coach and trainer. Seven years ago, Song Shuyao went back to snow, she moved to Switzerland and started as a basic skiing instructor reconstructing her dreams in a foreign country.