Wednesday 10th November at 12.40 pm – online


Atletica / Athletics

Groox Filmagentur

AUSTRIA 2021, 16 min

Director/Regista: Jürgen Gruber

Editing/Montaggio: Gabriel Boll, Jürgen Gruber

Actors/Attori: Stefanie Stebegg, Elisa Steiner, Jürgen Wiesenhofer, Daniel Wolf

Photos/Foto: Jürgen Gruber, Gabriel Boll, Ismael Lerch, Tobias Heckenbichler, Luca Romani, Dominik Geißler

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora:

Producer/Produttore: Jürgen Gruber

CoProducer/CoProduttore: Elisabeth Pammer


After a few successful years with the event “Grazathlon”, a small event agency from Graz decided to expand their race format to Austria. The sport: dirt run / obstacle course. The special feature: the event takes place in the middle of cities, along the most beautiful tourist spots and sights. We follow 4 athletes at their first start in the entire series over 3 weeks.