Projection: Sunday 7th December – 9.35 pm – Sala Parlamentino
Company: Production S. Aleksandrov
Country: RUSSIA
Discipline: Soccer
Year: 2013
Director: Sergey Alexandrov
Editing: Sergey Alexandrov
Photo: Sergey Alexandrov
Producer: Sergey Aleksandrov, Toktarbai Dusenbayev, Bisimbai Sharlapayev
Time: 55 min


Together with his people, Bisimbai Sharlapayev is a farmer, revives Kazakh culture and national traditions, builds a mosque, organizes youth football tournaments and thinks of his family. He secretly hopes that one day his only son will have a child, so he can be grandfather. The first step to Bisimbai Sharlapayev’s cherished dream has been taken: his son brings home his fiancée from London. According to Kazakh wedding tradition, the rituals begin with “Betashar”, or unveiling the face, a festive ceremony where the bride is revealed to her groom’s family. If the Kazakhs youth team do not become a champion of the international soccer tournament, the bride will not veil her face.