Sports discipline: Alpine Ski

Production company: International Sports Broadcasting Company S.I

SPAIN 2018, 70 min

Director: Daniel Fernandez – Canadas

Editing: Clara Martinez Malagelada, Raul Barreras, Rony Ariza

Actors: Jon Santacana, Miguel Galindo

Photos: Enrique Fernandez Ortiz

Soundtrack: Antonius

Producer: Ursula Romero

CoProducer: Paul Miller & David Corredor


When he was 8 years old, Jon Santacana was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that, little by little, left him without sight. Against all odds, and pushing his body to the limit, Jon has become one of history’s best skiers: 2 gold medals and 4 silver ones in the Paralympic Games. In his epic adventure to beat all competition records at over 120 km/h, with barely no sight, Miguel Galindo has accompanied him during his brilliant 17-year career.