Wednesday 10th November at 12.55 am – online


Danza Sportiva Disabili / Para Sports Dance

KBS – Korean Broadcasting System

SOUTH KOREA 2020, 104 min

Director/Regista: Seongkwon Sohn

Editing/Montaggio: Hyunsoo Jung, Hyojung Kwon

Actors/Attori: Key Cast – 5 Para Sports Dance Athletes and 5 Celebrities

Photos/Foto: Dohyung Kim

Producer/Produttore: Lee JungHwa

Five celebrities who are successful in their respective fields, take up the challenge to compete in the national dance sports competition. They partner up with athletes who are currently on the disabled dance sports national team. These celebrities start to learn the dance steps for the first time ever before eventually participating in a competition to become an honorary national team member. Each pair has a story to tell that unfolds with great visuals and cheerful music.