Company: Krakow Film Foundation
Country: POLAND
Discipline: Motorcycling
Year pf production: 2011
Director: Grzegorz Milko
Editing: Dawid Skrzypek
Photography: Adam Palenta
Producer: Grzegorz Milko (Milord)
Time: 51 min
Screening: Saturday 8th December 3 pm Sala Torre


Krysztof Cegielski, aka Cegła, one of the most promising speedway riders in Poland, partecipated in the Polish championships, as well as English and Swedish divisions. In June 2003, at Vatlanda’s speedway, he had an accident, as a result, lost the use of his legs. Since then he has been moving in a wheelchair and undergoing long-lasting rehabilitation. Cegielski, who does not accept his disability, still considers this stage of his life as another struggle and as the most difficult of the competitions.