Company: Gooliver Associazione Culturale
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Soccer
Year pf production: 2010
Director: Federico Massa
Editing: AViLab
Photography: Andrea Azzetti
Soundtrack: Matteo Buzzanca
Actors: Gaetano Rampin, Filippo Pontrelli, Barbara Carron, Filippo Maniero
Producer: Giuseppe Voltan
Time: 53 min
Screening: Sunday 9th December 4.20 pm Sala Parlamentino






Football is made of emotions, ranging from disappointment to happiness. Is a show made especially for the fans and by fans. The film documentary is not the history of the Padova club and the team, but it is a gift from the heart, which comes from personal experience. A grandfather transmits his passion for the football team to his grandon; this is the narrative device whcih includes the different chapters of the film. Among the interviewees: Alessandro Del Piero, Demetrio Albertini, Claudio Bigon, Bruno and Tito Rocco (sons of the unforgettable Nereo) and Giuseppe Galderisi.