Wednesday 10th November a 2.40 pm – online

Calcio / Soccer

Xinhua News Agency

PR. OF CHINA 2020, 11 min

Director/Regista: Ma Cheny

Editing/Montaggio: Zhou Yinan

Photos/Foto: Bai Wenwu, Jin Meiduoji, Sun Fei, Liu Feng, Chen Guangzhong, Xu Jian, Hao Jie

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: Peng Di, Li Tian’ang, ZhangYue

Producer/Produttore: Xu Jiren, Shen Hongbing, Wang Minghao

CoProducer/CoProduttore: Zhou Jie, Luo Buciren, Liu Yuanxu

On July 23, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics opened with participation from 11,000 athletes, who had been waiting for the Games for five years due to the pandemic. Xinhua reporters have been following and shooting seven Chinese Olympians for one and a half years, keeping track of how they lived, thought, dreamed about and trainer for the Olympics. In order to get to where they are, they have overcome pain inertia, fear and homesickness  with a strong belief that the light at the end of the tunnel will burn brighter.