Company: Ilaria Saccares

Country: ITALY


Discipline: Baseball

Year: 2016

Director: Massimo Saccares

Editing: Enrico Giuseppe Rocco Bagnato

Actors: Romualdo Signori, Alberto Nardecchia,  Ada Nardin, Matteo Briglia

Photography: Sandro Chessa, Francesca Zoras, Enrique Fortaleza

Soundtrack: Mark Hanna

Voice Off: Daniela Cicchetta

Producer: Ilaria Saccares

Time: 8 min

Projection: Friday 18 November  – 18.30 – Sala Donzelli

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Baseball played by the Blind is the result of an idea by Alfredo Meli which is having a big success in the world. The work accompanies the players in their adventure in a fascinating parallel race between baseball and baseball-Blind, focusing on the problems of the blind in the relationship between life and sport.