Company: Apollo Film
Country: RUSSIA
Discipline: Soccer
Year pf production: 2011
Director: Anatoly Balchev
Editing: Victor Fedorov
Photography: Dmitro Lavrinenko
Soundtrack: Anatoly Balchev
Producer: Evgeny Bogatyrev, Anatoly Balchev
Time: 5 min
Screening: Friday 7th December 8.05 pm Sala Parlamentino



The video is about the legendary team, the winner of the Champions League 2012 and the holder of many other football titles: Chelsea F. C.. The background music tells the club’s past, but the emphasis is on the most successful period in the Chelsea’s history: the last decade, that of Roman Abramovich, the owner of the team who proved himself not only as a success ful financer, but also as a football strategist. His energy and ambitions have given Chelsea F.C. a new impulse to victory. More than one time, his style in choosing the coach, that is Josè Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Di Matteo, lead the team to the deserved victories.