Company: TVP S.A.
Country: POLAND
Discipline: Disable Sports
Year pf production: 2011
Director: Zbigniew Rytel
Editing: Boguslaw Koziarski
Photography: Marcin Peresada
Soundtrack: Slawomir Moroz
Producer: Tamara Czyż-Kasperek
Time: 86 min
Screening: Thursday 6th December 10.00 am Sala Terrazzo


The planets where Antoine de Saint Exupery’s Little Prince led us, have been existing for years. They are real and they are just next to us. One of them has a name: “Special Olympics”. The rules that are common on our planet like calculation or opportunism do not exist on there. But then there are openness of emotions, truthfulness of affections and spontaneous joy felt meeting other human beings. The protagonists that took part to the Special Olympics, don’t play for the prize of fame, recognition and money. Sports in that world goes back to their primal roots – become a fight against human limitations in which victory itself is the sweetest prize. As in Little Prince, the protagonists of the film, which was born during the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens 2011, push us to a remark: What makes us human beings?