Company: Jiemian – Shanghai – Internet Technologies Co. Ltd.

Country: P.R. OF CHINA


Discipline: Winter Sport – Ice-skating, Hiking

Director: Rongfei Guo, Ivan Xu

Edting: Lara Wu

Actors: Ivan Xu

Photo: Ivan Xu

Soundtrack: Audio Network

Producer: Rongfei Guo, Ivan Xu

Running Time: 35 min



Ivan Xu is the first Chinese in the world who succeed to crossed Lake Baikal. He was inspired in 2015 by the encounter with a British explorer. At the beginning he decided to go through the Lake Baika from east to west, into one week during the winter. So he decided to challenge himself trying to cross the same lake from north to south. Starting his adventure in 2017, Ivan Xu and his Russian friend Fyodor encountered and solved many problems. Fyodor surrendered halfway but Xu succeeded in completing this journey.