Saturday 13th November at 12.20 am – Fondazione Riccardo Catella – ground floor

Cycling Ultracycling

Groox Filmagentur

AUSTRIA 2009-2019, 126 min

Director: Jürgen Gruber

Editing: Jürgen Gruber, Clemens Haid, Gabriel Boll

Actors: Christoph Strasser, Rainer Hochgatterer, Michael Kogler, Michael Shermer

Photos: Stefan Schmid, Daniel Guarise, Clemens Haid, Florian Kreis, Jürgen Gruber, Florian Werner, Martin Pendl, Gerald Klösch

Soundtrack: Markus Illko

Voice Off: Stefan Margenfeld, Gordon Piedesack

Producer: Jürgen Gruber

CoProducer: Michael Hausberger

Christoph Strasser and his crew’s story from their former dream to legendary records at the “Race Across America”. Detailed, unadorned and as authentic as possible, a portrait of  the athlete and human being on his story through a lifelong dream come true illustrating once again that, in addition to years of training and persistent will, another factor is decisive: the team. The work is always close to the action, shows never-before-seen, almost intimate insights and combines the highs and lows of the world’s longest and toughest non-stop cycling race in a kaleidoscope of setbacks, euphoria and, above all, a lot of perseverance.