Friday 12th November at 11.45 am – online


Czech Television

CZECH REP 2021, 58 min

Director: Adolf Zika

Editing: Matej Beran

Actors: Kristián Mensa, Marek Mensa, Michelle Mensová, Regina Bakeeva, Fabiano Carvalho Lopes, Honzík Havelka

Photos: Jan Pivonka, Mark Bliss ACK

Soundtrack: Vojtech Zavadil, Studio Mr Wombat

Producer: Alena Müllerová (Czech TV), Adolf Zika (Zipo Film)

Kristián Mensa is a dancer, artist, as well as a juggler of words, a true magician of simplicity and everyday moments. Even though as a little boy he created his own world – having a different skin color and experiencing barriers in communication, he created his own artistic language and dance style as a kind of shield around himself. With his mother, he sets out for Ghana to search for his roots, learns the truth, but also gains a foundation for his exceptional talent. After his return he qualifies for the world finals of the most prestigious dance competition in Paris. He has become the center of media attention and has received tons of offers. Nevertheless, a feeling of emptiness enters his life, resulting from the absence of an answer as to where his future lies in dance and in life.