Company: Kinethica

Country: ITALY


Discipline: Skateboard

Year: 2016

Director: Inti Carboni

Editing: Antonio Canestri

Actors: Jacopo Picozza, Nicolò Bromo, Paolo Maneglia, Filippo Baronello, Juan Issa, Asia Lanzi, Maria Lima

Photo: Paolo Maneglia

Soundtrack: Daniele Luppi, Brian Luppi, DJ Stile

Producer: Inti Carboni, Giulio Rapetto

CoProducer: Federico Ferrante, Giulio Magnolia

Time: 6  min



A skateboarding journey through the streets and the Cinecittà film studios in Rome (Italy) between big residential buildings and the ancient roman ruins of the Appian Way. For the first time, Cinecittà film studios, famous to the big audience for Fellini, Coppola, Scorsese e Wes Anderson’s movies, are reinterpreted and lived with a different vision by a group of skaters. A little journey between reality and fiction, where people work to create magic, building ancient cities, submerged submarines, snow covered squares, underwater landscapes. where time and space are mixed pushing us to explore and know Cinecittà in a different way.