Company: Conqueirão Pictures
Country: BRAZIL
Discipline: Soccer
Year pf production: 2012
Director: Diogo Dahl e Raphael Viera
Editing: Gustavo Cascon, Tuco, José Esch
Photography: Raphael Vieira
Soundtrack: Rogê e Carolina Monte
Producer: Diogo Dahl
Time: 102 min
Screening: Thursday 6th December 8.15 pm Sala Donzelli


Known as the most controversial Brazilian champioship of all time, the Union Cup of 1987 is remembered for other reasons: apart from being the first competition to be organized by the Club of the 13, it had a record audience and had  as champion the most galactic team of Brazilian soccer history. Through testimony of players and managers of the time, the work remembers an unforgettable piece of Brazillian soccer’s history.