Wednesday 10th November at 2.55 pm –  online


Hockey su Ghiaccio / Ice Hockey

Czech Pond Hockey Association

CZECH REP 2019, 25 min

Director/Regista: Petr Miksicek, Matus Kocis

Editing/Montaggio: Petr Miksicek

Actors/Attori: Matus Kocis, Petr Miksicek, Spencer Connor, Justin Barron,  Trina Norman, Matt Stewart

Photos/Foto: Petr Miksicek, Moe Ghoneim, Isaac Green

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: Petr Linhart, Filip Slavik

Voice Off/Voce Narrante: Anthony Murphy

Producer/Produttore: Matus Kocis


A trip to Nova Scotia (Canada) in cities like Windsor, Darmouth and Halifax gives the possibility to discover the origins of ice hockey. The interviews with fans and with the insiders of the discipline provide a  meaningful  picture that justifies the interest of thousands fans.