Wednesday 10th November at 3.20 pm – online

Xiamen Xiaoti Production Co., Ltd.

P. R. OF CHINA 2018, 131 min

Director/Regista: Zhang Pengyun

Actors/Attori: Tian Xiaohe, Chen Zhenyu, Ma Zhanwen

Producer/Produttore: Xiamen Xiaoti Production Co., Ltd.


In the early spring of 2018, a Chinese expedition team set off to challenge one of the world’s top ten high-risk roads – the Russian Bam Highway with the world’s first dangerous bridge “Vitim Bridge”, which has not yet been successfully crossed by the Chinese team. Their departure coincided with the flood season and ice and snow melted massively. The expedition leader Xiong ErXiaohe Tiandecided to continue to race against time, leading 12 people, 4 cars to the infinite unknown Siberian wilderness.