Company: Skydancers Srl

Country: ITALY


Discipline: Soccer

Year: 2016

Director: Volfango De Biasi

Editing: Erica Manoni

Photo: Giacomo Ragone

Soundtrack: Michele Braga

Producer: Luciano Stella

CoProducer: Mauro Luchetti

Time: 77 min



A group of patients coming from many mental health departments throughout Italy, a psychiatrist as sports director, a former five-a-side football player as coach and a world boxing champion (Vincenzo Cantatore) as athletic trainer. These are the members of the first Italian national five-a-side team participating the world cup for psychiatric patients in Osaka, a trip from Italy to Japan. It begins with the selection of the group of 12 who will join the retreat and eventually will reach the most coveted tournament, the World Championship. A balanced path between health and insanity. Here the protagonists are the players rather than the illness itself and the aim is to fight the prejudice that surrounds those suffering from mental illness. Motion as an antidote to the static, football as a saving -therapy, that makes everyone feel equal.