Company: Rai – La Storia siamo noi
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Various Sports
Year pf production: 2012
Director: Felice Pesoli
Editing: Arturo Menichetti
Photography: Jovica Nonkovic
Soundtrack: non originale
Voice Off: Christian Iansante
Producer: Francesca mandara (Videostar)
CoProducer: Piero A. Corsini
Time: 57 min
Screening: Friday 7th December 3.00 pm Sala Colonne


Sport between the two World Wars became a powerful propaganda tool in the service of totalitarian regimes. Despite being a secondary power, Fascist Italy was a real sporting dynamo in the 1930s. The fascist regime, the first example of the systematic use of sport as a means of propaganda to regiment the masses, saw that sport could be a determining factor in building a national identity and this is why he encouraged sports facilities both at school and outside school. In short, sport was seen as both a mass phenomenon and a powerful propaganda tool. At a symbolic level the myth of the invincible fascist nation whose sporting triumphs demonstrate its superiority over democracy, helped to give the Nation an idea of itself as a triumphant warrior, an idea that would be painfully rebuffed by the war.