Wednesday 10th November at 5.35 pm – online

Pattinaggio a rotelle / Roller skating

Sichuan Plus Media Co., Ltd.

P. R. OF CHINA 2020, 40 min

Director: Kang Zhaowei

Editing: Kang Zhaowei, Li Ming, Chen Lijuan

Photos: Liu Zinan, Luo Yincai

Soundtrack: Chen Chao

Producer: Huang He

Luo Yincai is the China champion of extreme roller skating. In order to realize his dream of crossing Antarctica alone, he went to Lake Baikal and the Arctic Ocean for training. During the extremely cold and long-distance crossing, he set a number of outdoor exploration records in China. However, his road of life was more difficult than this one. On the way to his dream, he was questioned, seriously injured and sold his house. In the traditional concept, he was helpless but determined to be himself. Someone said he is a homeless drifter, others a farsighted man who firmly controlled his own life.