Company: Beijing TV Station
Country: P.R. Of CHINA
Discipline: Skiing
Year: 2018
Director: Kang Zhaowei
Editing: Kang Zhaowei
Actors: Zhong Chengzhan, Ji Jiuguang
Photo: LiuXin, Kang Zhaowei, Chenfei
Voice Off: Wang Di
Producer: Panxu
Time: 26 min




The development of Chinese skiing is told through the story of Zhong Chengzhan and Ji Jiuguang and their love for skiing. Because of a skiing accident in 2013, Zhong Chengzhan lost his ability to move his legs. After several twists and turns, he restarted to stand in the snow field and spent there his life. Fifteen years of persistence and love made him gradually move toward the 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympics. His old friend Ji Jiuguang came to Wanlong to become part of the team. He started to have contact with the ski industry in 2003 witnessing the development of the Chinese ski industry.