Company: LaCompagnie des Taxi-brousse
Country: FRANCE
Discipline: Scuba diving
Year pf production: 2012
Director: Laurent Mini
Editing: Stéphane Begoin
Photography: William Japhet, René Heuzey, Yann Staderoli
Soundtrack: Sylvain MOREAU
Voice Off: Mathieu Buscatto
Producer: La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse
CoProducer: France Télévision
Time: 52 min
Screening: Thursday 6th December 4.50 pm Sala Colonne


Pascal Barnabé is one of those explorers of the extreme, whose fearless passion pushes them right to the edge of their possibilities and beyond scientific reason. In the race down into the “deep blue”, some have left their names, others have surrendered their lives. Pascal is the one who kept going, deeper into the abyss: some dark, cold, far-off place, all alone wih his thoughts.